HBK Seed

Thinking regionally

Your favorite brand of soybeans, HBK® Seed, has a new name.  Introducing Credenz™ soybeans from Bayer CropScience.  Utilizing smart genetics and traits, Credenz gives growers a new, more advanced choice to maximize yields.

Credenz is constructed from uniquely bred smart genetics developed with key characteristics to meet field conditions that consistently deliver high performance.  Building on HBK’s proven performance in the south, Credenz will offer new southern varieties plus the same high performing varieties you know and trust.  For a local grower like Brett Nicholson, this reliability is invaluable when it comes to his bottom line.  

Brett Nicholson, Newport, Arkansas

“We’ve grown the HBK system for about six years now. It’s been our most consistent and top yielder most years. They are probably the best bean yields we’ve ever made. We pretty much plant HBK seeds anywhere from our toughest gumbo to our sandiest ground. It seems like we get good stands everywhere and they come out growing well. I have recommended HBK soybeans to a lot of the farmers around here because of how well they've done on our farm.”

– Brett Nicholson, Newport, Arkansas

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