Product Information
Every missed weed can impact yield. With the LibertyLink® system, weeds are exposed to a different chemistry with a unique mode of action, letting you handle your toughest weeds while protecting your yield, your profits and the long-term success of your operation.
Key Benefits
  • Better Control – Weeds like Palmer amaranth can reduce yields by as much as 79%* and can drop hundreds of thousands of seeds, creating problems this year and for years to come. With Liberty®, your toughest weeds are better controlled with a different chemistry and group 10 SOA to provide a unique mode of action.
  • Convenience – With the superior control of Liberty herbicide, growers can better control weeds before they go to seed and reduce the number of postemergent applications, saving time and money now and for the future.
  • Available Now – Weeds cost growers bushels of yield every season. LibertyLink and Liberty are available today to help growers reduce the costliness of weeds right now. Waiting for a new system further risks resistant weed pressures in the field, potentially lowering the productivity of that field for years.
New Liberty® Application Guidelines
  • Follow these easy steps to STOP weeds:
Key Weeds
  • Broadleaf and grasses
  • Palmer amaranth
  • Kochia
  • Waterhemp
  • Marestail
  • Giant ragweed
  • Many more
Registered Crops
  • Soybeans
  • Cotton
  • Canola
  • Corn

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Autumn Super
Earn up to $3/A through Innovation Plus™ by purchasing Autumn™ or Autumn Super for 80 acres and matched acres of Balance® Flexx, Corvus®, Capreno® or Liberty® herbicide. » more
Stratego YLD
Get $70/gal for your qualifying Stratego® YLD purchase. Receive an additional $50/gal on Stratego YLD with matched acres of Balance® Flexx, Capreno®, Corvus®, Laudis® and/or Liberty® herbicides. » more
Liberty Link
Earn a cash-equivalent rebate in the Innovation Plus™ program by purchasing a min. of 50 acres of LibertyLink® cotton, LibertyLink soybeans and/or InVigor® canola plus qualifying amounts of Liberty® herbicide. » more
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