Bee Health in the Community

Through Bayer’s Bee Care Program, we are committed to educating the public on the vital role bees play in our backyards, communities, our crop fields and in our world. Community outreach events give Bayer the opportunity to share with others the activities of the Bee Care Center and our efforts to promote bee health.
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National Pollinator Week

Pollinators, like honey bees, make it possible to enjoy many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables we love and the flowering plants around our homes and gardens. Bayer conducted Congressional and community events throughout National Pollinator Week (June 16-22, 2014) dedicated to honoring these beneficial pollinators and giving everyone an opportunity to join the buzz.

The Bayer Bee Care Program is inviting the Washington, D.C., community to plant a bee-friendly garden at SEED Public Charter School. The garden provides a great opportunity to teach students and the community about the importance of pollinators and the role they play in our lives.

Bayer announced the winner of the 2nd Annual Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award during our Congressional reception at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. The winner, Herbert Everhart, was recognized for using the power of the honey bee colony to benefit the community.

Learn more about our activities to support pollinators by visiting us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award

Honey bees are a sparkplug of agriculture, as they pollinate 70 percent of the top 100 food and fiber crops that we all enjoy. The importance of keeping bees healthy is seen all around us, which is why Bayer would like to celebrate individuals who have used the power of the honey bee to improve their communities.

During Bayer’s National Pollinator Week Congressional reception, the Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award was recognized Herbert Everhart, owner of Eversweet Apiaries, as the award winner. Herb is a disabled Vietnam veteran who lost a leg in the war, West Virginia beekeeper and farmer. He and the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Beekeepers Association were awarded $5,000 to aid in the advancement of the winning initiative.

Learn more about Herb and last year's Bee Care Community Leadership Award winner, Steve McNair, director of development, Salem4youth, and the lessons beekeeping has taught his community of at-risk young men through the videos below.

2014 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award Winner Herbert Everhart - Video

2013 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award Winner Steve McNair - Video

Bayer Bee Care Tour

Bayer’s 2nd Bee Care Tour traveled coast-to-coast focusing on creating and expanding relationships with those interested in bee health. The Tour brought awareness to communities about the multiple factors affecting honey bee health and how agriculture and bees must thrive in order to feed a growing population.

The seven-stop Tour traveled more than 5,500 miles to agricultural universities and tradeshows that brought together beekeepers and growers. More than 2,400 bee enthusiasts visited the interactive experience, which featured an exhibit that celebrated bees, highlighted stewardship best practices and offered a honey tasting bar.

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