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North American Bayer Bee Care Center

Through Bayer’s new Bee Care Centers in the U.S. and Europe, we will further stakeholder collaboration and understanding of the health of bees.

The North American Bee Center, located on the Research Triangle Park campus in North Carolina, is designed to serve as a focal point for existing and future bee health initiatives, including:

  • Full laboratory and research apiary, as well as honey extraction and workshop space needed to conduct bee health research
  • Active promotion of bee-responsible use of Bayer products along with communication activities worldwide
  • State-of-the-art meeting, training and presentation facilities for beekeepers, farmers and educators to provide resources and an interactive learning center
  • Pollinator-friendly gardens and a facility that is currently in the application process for its LEED certification

We are also actively involved with North Carolina State University in conducting research that will improve bee health, such as:

  • Supporting research efforts surrounding the small hive beetle
  • Sponsoring of a grad student for research and review of chemistries and natural oils as potential new miticide applications in 2014 in conjunction with activities at the Center
  • Funding research on AFB (American Foulbrood)
Bee Care Support Facility in North Carolina

Eastern Bee Care Technology Station (Clayton, N.C.)

Bayer’s bee health research will also take place at its support facility in Clayton, N.C., which will create new approaches and solutions to benefit bee health and the global food supply.

The facility will have comprehensive extraction and bee hive maintenance area to conduct research so that the hard-working, beneficial honey bee can continue to provide hive products as well as pollination for foods we enjoy each day.

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North American Bayer Bee Care Center
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