HBK Seed

Thinking regionally

Together, Bayer CropScience and HBK® Seed are setting the standard for combining long-established, local focus with global resources and expertise. When working with soybean seed designed for specific geographies, HBK screens its varieties for regional factors, like diseases and heat tolerance, which may impact growth patterns. Seed is tested and produced in its intended climate. This means HBK Seed can be relied upon for higher yields and more consistent performance. For a local grower like Brett Nicholson, this reliability is invaluable when it comes to his bottom line.

Brett Nicholson, Newport, Arkansas

“We’ve grown the HBK system for about six years now. It’s been our most consistent and top yielder most years. They are probably the best bean yields we’ve ever made. We pretty much plant HBK seeds anywhere from our toughest gumbo to our sandiest ground. It seems like we get good stands everywhere and they come out growing well. I have recommended HBK soybeans to a lot of the farmers around here because of how well they've done on our farm.”

– Brett Nicholson, Newport, Arkansas

Local Bayer CropScience agronomic teams are in place to help growers from Texas to Virginia find the HBK soybean varieties that will work best for their farms. They also oversee trials that provide real-world evidence of the varieties’ efficacy and disease resistance. It is this kind of local support and service that helps set HBK Seed apart from its competitors.

Working globally

HBK brings an international network of resources that reinforces a commitment to local growers. In addition to disease screening in Arkansas and marker assisted selection in North Carolina to accelerate breeding time, winter nurseries are located as far abroad as Central and South America. These facilities, supplemented by worldwide field stations, allow HBK to expedite the ability to advance different soybean varieties. Utilizing 1,000 scientists and breeders working in research, plant breeding and trait development, HBK is always working towards better performing soybean seed for regional growers, particularly those in the South.  

John Freeman, Dumas, Arkansas

“[Being] a seed grower for HBK allows me to see a lot of the experimental varieties and see what's coming. It also puts me in touch with a lot of the people that make decisions and gives me a sense of what direction soybean agriculture is headed. That's a valuable thing, just to kind of know which way the winds are blowing, to be able to take advantage of their knowledge and see the new varieties coming out. It's a bright spot on the agriculture horizon.”

– John Freeman, Dumas, Arkansas

Technology to optimize your farm’s potential

With the launch of a new foundation seed program and a new commercial processing facility, HBK Seed is continuing its commitment to local growers. By introgressing with Bayer germplasm, HBK will be able to triple the soybean lines offered in 2014. HBK soybean varieties will now be available with LibertyLink®, Roundup Ready® and Roundup Ready 2 Yield® technologies. For HBK, the most important goal will always be to serve regional growers by producing high-yielding, well-adapted, disease resistant soybeans.
HBK Seed
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