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The instructions for use and mixing described below are from the Environmental Protection Agency approved Federal Label. Please click on 'Labels / MSDS' in the left hand navigation for special or state label instructions. Always read and follow label instructions.

Puma 1EC Herbicide

Reentry PPE
For early entry to treated areas that is permitted under the Worker Protection Standard and that involves contact with anything that has been treated, such as plants, soil, or water, wear: coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants; socks and chemical resistant footwear. Wear goggles or face shield, and chemical resistant gloves (such as nitrile, butyl, neoprene, and/or barrier laminate).
Wear coveralls worn over short-sleeved shirt and short pants, socks and chemical resistant footwear, goggles or face shield and chemical resistant gloves (such as Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene and/or Barrier Laminate).
Tank Mix
TANK MIX COMBINATIONSWhen tank mixing, read and follow the precautionary statements, directions for use, weeds controlled, geographic, and other restrictions on the labeling of each tank mix partner used. Use in accordance with the most restrictive label limitations and precautions. Tank mix partners not recommended on this label may cause reduced annual grass control (antagonism) or crop injury. It is recommended not to apply any pesticide, not listed on this label, 5 days before or after an application of PUMA 1EC Herbicide. Bayer CropScience recommends that PUMA 1EC should not be tank mixed with liquid fertilizers unless specifically recommended on this label.Compatibility Testing with Tank Mix Partners:If PUMA 1EC Herbicide is to be tank mixed with other pesticides, compatibility should be tested prior to mixing. To test for compatibility, use a small container and mix a small amount (0.5 to 1 qt) of spray, combining all ingredients in the same ratio as the anticipated use. If any indications of physical incompatibility develop, do not use this mixture for spraying. Indications of incompatibility usually will appear within 5-15 minutes after mixing. Read and follow the label of each tank-mix product used for precautionary statements, directions for use, geographic and other restrictions.Insecticides: PUMA 1EC Herbicide may be tank mixed with either Furadan 4F, Sevin XLR PLUS, or Warrior insecticides if timing for insect and weed control are proper. Do not tank mix with malathion as wild oat control will be reduced.Fungicides: Fungicides such as mancozeb (Dithane F-45; Manzate 75DF; Penncozeb 75DF), Tilt and Stratego without additional adjuvant, or Topsin M can be tank mixed with PUMA 1EC Herbicide when timing for application of each tank mix partner is the same for the use site.
Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Please check with Bayer CropScience or your local Lead State Agency for product registration status. If you wish to find out if a product is registered in your state or for additional product information, send us an email or call 1-866-99-BAYER.

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