Product Information
Corvus® pre-emergence corn herbicide provides consistent, broad-spectrum control of grass and broadleaf weeds for a full season at just 5.6 fl oz/A. Corvus delivers rapid burndown, long-lasting residual and reactivation for dependable weed control in field corn and corn grown for silage.
Key Benefits
  • Consistent Control - Corvus translocates through the roots and shoots of weeds to provide rapid burndown and long-lasting residual control, delivering uncompromised weed control through canopy closure, whether conditions turn wet or even hot and dry. In fact, just a half-inch of rain reactivates Corvus and boosts its weed-control properties.
  • Two Modes of Action - Dual modes of action control more than 50 weeds, including those that are resistant to glyphosate-, ALS-, PPO- and triazine-based herbicides, such as Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. Also controls tough grasses, such as Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. Also controls tough grasses, such as woolly cupgrass, yellow foxtail and fall panicum.
  • Extremely Low Use Rates - Convenient, low-dose formulation with applications in ounces versus the pints or quarts per acre required by other herbicides; results in less shipping, storage and handling, and fewer jugs.
  • Crop Safety Innovation - Includes exclusive CSITM Safener technology that provides excellent crop safety, enhanced application flexibility'including rates and timing'and compatibility on any soil with a very broad range of crops.
  • Pre-plant to V2 - With a flexible application window, can be applied from burndown or pre-plant as far out as 30 days prior to planting through early postemergence (V2).
  • Perfect For Any Tillage Program - Including no-till and minimum till, with rapid weed burndown.
Key Pests
  • Waterhemp, Common
  • Amaranth, Palmer
  • Foxtail, Yellow
Registered Crops
  • Corn

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