One World to Grow On

At Bayer CropScience, we are driven by the urgency of the challenges facing agriculture, and are committed to doing everything we can to support our grower customers.  Our One World to Grow On approach helps them identify and implement ways to maximize harvest outcomes next season and for years to come.

One World To Grow On


Selecting tools that perform
At the heart of every successful harvest is a well-laid plan that keeps in mind the current season as well as seasons to come. With so many decisions, finding a focus on sustainability is of utmost importance at this phase. At Bayer, we are working to develop more products that adapt to seasonal and regional growing conditions and are more tolerant to environmental pressures – so that growers can make the most of this “One World to grow on.”


Preparing for unpredictability pays off
Thousands of factors can jeopardize the health of a farmer’s crops. As plants, orchards and vineyards grow, every decision becomes key in preparing for the unknowns that could affect harvest. Bayer is dedicated to healthier crops – and a healthier world – through the prevention of pest damage, weeds and disease.


Protecting and nourishing crops, businesses and communities
Controlling the conditions surrounding crops is vital all season. Each decision revolves around how to produce the highest quality and greatest yield possible. Bayer offers a host of solutions that help growers nurture their crops while fighting diseases, pests and weeds to maximize returns for their business and benefit their communities.


Managing crops all the way to harvest, sustaining businesses for years to come
A healthy crop isn’t an accident. It’s the result of the diligence and thought put into many critical decisions along the way. With “One World to Grow On,” Bayer is committed to innovating techniques, developing products and providing support so that growers not only have a successful harvests, but successful businesses for years to come.

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