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The Bayer CropScience Agronomist Services Team is a group of dedicated researchers, scientists and variety specialists who work together to deliver innovative solutions and seed recommendations for cotton growers. They collaborate with consultants, university Extension specialists and those in the field to capture, evaluate and summarize variety information, and make recommendations on best growing practices throughout the year. Each agronomist is an expert on his or her region—the geography, soil, climate and chemical variables that affect growing—and each knows the specific varieties that thrive in their area.

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Click on your region in the map for variety recommendations and CAP trial data from your local agronomist. You'll also be able to contact them with specific questions and learn more about their background in the field.

Kyle Fontenot Jenny Johnson Kenny Melton Debbie Brown Monty Malone Daniel Olivier Steve Lee Lucas Owen Heath Reeves Andy White Josh Mayfield AST Map Kenny MeltonDaniel OliverHeath ReevesMonty MaloneSteve LeeKyle FontenotLucas OwenJenny JohnsonDebbie BrownAndy WhiteJosh Mayfield

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