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Product Information
Liberty® herbicide plus the LibertyLink® trait is the preeminent weed management system. Spray powerful Liberty herbicide in-crop for excellent nonselective postemergence weed control, even on tough weeds including Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed, waterhemp and marestail.
With a unique mode of action, Liberty herbicide allows growers to control weeds quickly before they jeopardize yield potential. For best results, apply Liberty to young, actively growing weeds to eliminate them quickly and reduce the chance that they will rob crops of yield potential. Warm temperatures, high humidity and bright sunlight improve the performance of Liberty herbicide.
Key Benefits
  • Fast-Acting – Liberty herbicide works fast, controlling weeds within days versus weeks, under favorable growing conditions.
  • Part of an Integrated Weed Management System that includes the use of residual herbicides and/or tank mixes as appropriate: The LibertyLink system provides efficient weed management that enables nonselective and selective herbicide rotation.
  • Preserves high-yielding varieties and hybrids: Apply over the top of high-yielding LibertyLink corn, soybeans, cotton and canola.
Key Pests
  • Broadleaf and grass weeds, including tough-to-control Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed, waterhemp and marestail.
Registered Crops

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Liberty Link
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